Brown Trout Fishing on Lower Lough Erne

Lough Erne has been likened to the larger Lough Corrib in the Republic of Ireland, with its vast shallows and rocky areas providing ideal conditions for trout. The fishing season runs from 1 March to 30 September with a six-trout bag limit and 12 inch size limit.

During late March and April there is a Duckfly hatch but the Mayfly season is, without doubt, the most important fly fishing period on the Lough. The Mayfly makes its appearance in early to mid May and continues for 3 to 4 weeks, when it pays to have an experienced guide steering you to the best drifts and sheltered bays. Local knowledge is invaluable in determining day to day timing and location of hatches, which in turn leads to locating the prime areas for spent gnat fishing in the late evening.

Fish are normally taken during this period on both wet and dry flies. Wet flies such as French Partridge, Golden Olive Bumble, Rogan’s Extractor and Dry Flies such as Green Wulff, Erne Special, O’Connors and Mosely to name but a few are widely used. As an experienced Guide, I can advise you on the right fly selection and methods for fishing in all conditions. There are some very good tackle shops in Fermanagh as well as one that specialises in Fly Dressing (see our Rates & Links Page for more details).

Dapping, whilst a popular method of fishing in the West of Ireland, is practised to a lesser degree on Lough Erne. This is a very relaxing fishing style that normally attracts larger fish. I am an experienced Dapper and can offer some invaluable advice and tips for those who have never tried this interesting method of catching trout on a live fly.