Pike Fishing on Upper Lough Erne

The Pike on Upper Lough Erne have provided great sport for fishermen from all over the world. Normally caught on dead bait or by trolling lures, fly fishing for Pike has proved to be a great hit with fly anglers looking for sport during the closed Trout Fishing season. Although not a new method by any means, fly fishing for Pike has remained virtually unchanged for years but is now receiving the attention it deserves.


Having been born and bred a few hundred yards from the shores of Upper Lough Erne, I have 3 generations of ‘insiders’ knowledge to call upon to bring you to the best Pike fishing areas. This is where fishing from a boat proves much more successful than bank fishing with access to Pike hot-spots more readily available.


Any area where the water suddenly drops off to deeper levels is likely to hold good sized Pike. Pike are especially prolific in waters holding shoals of fodder fish like bream, roach, hybrids etc with mature pike eating approximately five times its own weight of fodder fish per year.

Your guide, Colin, with his first big pike on Lough Erne, close to Belle Isle Bridge

There is no closed season for Pike fishing but there is a bag limit of 1 fish per angler per day and all those over 4kg weight must be returned to the water, alive.

Still catching big pike at the same spot today!!